I am at the stage of creating the shared storage partitions, pools, and
volumes for my test two node cluster. First question: How did I install
NCS 1.8 without SBD? I know because the ldncs.ncf of both cluster nodes
had no CVB, SBDLIB, or SBD NLM's in the script until I added them
manually to each cluster nodes. Is it because I didn't have my cluster
nodes yet able to see the shared storage device, or vice versa, when I
installed NCS 1.8? I found the info on this forum for doing an "SBD
Install", and went through that without doing the SBD mirroring. I did
have to do a "CLUSTER CVB REBUILD" also. After the "SBD Install" is it
correct that I have two separate 8 MB Cluster partitions for the SBD?
Why isn't there just one? I didn't mirror the SBD Partitions, so that
isn't the reason for two. It seems to me that in the documentation it
mentions only one SBD partition being needed, unless you're mirroring SBD
on different devices. I am using NCS 1.8.1 on OES NW 65 SP4 with NSS4b