I've got an odd one that I'm hoping somebody could throw some light on.

Got a working 7-node cluster (NetWare 6 SP4), and I'm trying to add
another cluster volume. The volume is created OK on one of the nodes and
I can mount is as expected. However, I then go File/New/Cluster/Cluster
Volume, and browse for the volume, as usual, and I get the error
message "Cannot cluster enable this volume: It is not attached to a
server in the cluster".

The volume IS attached to a server in the cluster. I've actually created
a number of volumes on the various cluster nodes and had the same error
each time. I've also ensured the correct rights are assigned (have tried
with supervisor of root), and have used 2 different versions of snapins.
I have also had dsrepairs run of the partition in which I'm creating the
objects. However, the problem persists.

Has anyone experienced this one before? I'm a bit stuck.