Hello there!

I'm having a problem where my NSS Pools are deactivating? Here's my configuration:

Servers A and B NW6.5 sp4
2 iSCSI servers NW6.5 sp2 with 130GB storage (sharing 2 iSCSI partitions)
Servers A and B are mirroring the partitions accross the LAN

Now here's the strange part, even though all hardware, software, cabling and configuration is the same, the Pool names Groupware works fine but, Pool APPSDATA keeps dismounting? Both Pools are setup the same way, from the same iSCSI [target] servers. The Groupware Pool has been up and stable for about a month now; I've even broken the mirroring and re-established it without a problem.

Here's the full story! At first things were fine, I setup the Pool, created volumes (APPS, DATA) and started to migrate files using the Server Consolidation Tool. After 5 hours at about 99.9%, the server abended? Once I restarted the server, it would not remount the Pool (Super Block Header ...) I couldn't even run rebuild/verify on the pool. So, I wiped the pool and recreated it once more. This time, after 2 hours, the Pool was dismounted (server did not abend) and the pool's corrupted once again and will not mount.

HELLLLLP!!! So now I don't know what to do? One last note, servers A and B are clustered and wheater I create the pool as a clustered pool or not, same thing. The Groupware pool is not clustered. The ONLY difference that I can think of is that the SBD partition is on the same iSCSI shared partition as the APPSDATA pool. So, for example, I created a 70GB iscsi partition and on the initiator server 8MB was taken up for the SBD and the balance was used for the APPSDATA pool.

thank you,