I have a cluster install question. When I installed my first cluster a
couple of weeks ago, I tried first to install the cluster onto a single
server. Of course, cluster services said that you must have two servers
to create a cluster. So then I added the second server, and went forward
with Cluster OES 1.8. After I was finished creating the two node
cluster, I introduced the SAN storage into the cluster. That's when I
found out that I didn't have an SBD partition, nor did I have CVB,
SBDLIB, and SBD NLM's in the LDNCS.NCF, and I had installed the non-SBD
version of cluster services. So my question is this: Do I need to have
the LUN accessible to both servers at cluster installation in order to
create the SBD based cluster? I just don't want to have the LUN
partitioned, right?