nss /poolactivate=GLOBAL
mount GLOBAL VOLID=251
CIFS ADD .CN=GLOBAL.OU=CS.OU=HQ.O=someco.T=sometree.
add secondary ipaddress

Our Cluster is called PCS. We have a volume resource called Global. So to
fix this problem:


"Timothy Leerhoff" <tleerhoffNO@SPAMqwest.net> wrote in message
>> We don't need the master IP for GW, but the master IP will go to a
>> node with GW. We like to keep GW on a node by itself. When the
>> master IP goes to a GW Node, then we have to play the offline/online
>> games till we get things back the way we need them.

> To more fully explane my answer, if only one node is up when clustering
> is loaded and the quorum is timed out it will be the master IP holder.
> If there is more than one node up then it will pick the highest addy of
> the servers online.
> As Andrew said this is also how the next master IP is chosen when teh
> server holding the master IP leaves the cluster.
>> For some reason, our AFP does not work unless it is on the node with
>> the Master IP, I believe our implementation of CIFS is the same.

> NFAP should work for ALL nodes regardless of the master IP addy. I have
> it that way at many clients. Check the load script of the resource to
> see if the AFP bind is referencing the master IP or the correct
> resource IP.
> You should NOT ever have to play with the master IP addy location. It
> should work where ever it is bound.
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