When asked about what to do with Apache choose the middle option. I
recall the phrasing, but it's basically "leave my apache as is" If
choose a different option, you will replace your exisiting apache
configuration (with its NetStorage and iFolder setup) with a new one.
The port it wants is the ifolder port (which is also an apache port)

> I had iFolder working fine from a base install of NW6, with

> installed also. I used alternate ports for both. 51080,51443
> netstorage 52080,52443 for iFolder.
> When I attempted the upgrade, it asked me for all the old iFolder

> again. It suggested I update Apache as well, should I do that?
> What ports is it asking for on the first screen with the server

info? is
> it the iFolder ports or the Apache ports? I thought it was the

> At restart, it started apache, but never started iFolder, had a

> enter to continue on the screen. It also broke the netstorage

setup, I
> also wasn't able to log into the iFolder management anymore. (at any

> the ports) I tried changing the conf files, but nothing got back
> netstorage, or allowed iFolder admin.
> I am reinstalling again to get back to a working state and will

> about the upgrade until there are specific directions, or the

> will read existing conf files instead of starting from scratch and

> not working.
> It appears that iFolder2 is cause for alot of headaches from what

> read here.
> Thanks,
> -Mike