If the server is on an internal network which then the only way to
make it
available from the public network is via NAT or a Reverse Proxy.

> Hi:
> I probe I-folder for NSBS 6.0 with Win2k client, and over the LAN

> was just fine, but when I try to get access over internet it tries

to get
> access from logically it cant

> address.
> I installed the server with the express option and put the Netware

> only apache reconfigured and the PHP installed, I install the SP2

and the
> I-folder client 1.3.
> Some one could have any idea for to resolve this and get access by internet
> or where can I configure a valid IP address for my server with

dial-up I
> don't know if it could be a problem with the DNS?
> Thanks
> Mario Lopez