New install of NW6sp2 w/included iFolder (1.01?) and Netstorage
installed with initial nw install.

I have followed the directions I could find for setting up reverse
on bordermanager for iFolder and NetStorage. I can connect to the
pages of each from outside using the assigned ports but I get a
'connection refused' error from netscape when I click the login link.
In bordermanager I set up 4 reverse proxy (http accelerators) as suchName web server port proxy ip address
srv.abc.com 54080 'public' ip of bm (for main iFolder)
srvn.abc.com 53080 same (for netstorage)
srvs.abc.com 54443 same (for SSL iFolder)
srvns.abc.com 53443 same (for SSL netstorage)

all of them point to the same web server address of srv.abc.com
and I added srvn, srvs, srvns... to the hosts file of the bm server.
on the outside srv.abc.com resolves to the 'public' ip of the bm
inside it resolves to the private ip of the server itself
not to the bm server.

Inside, all of the web based stuff works fine. Outside, iFolder
works fine, but web based gives errors (connection refused) when
attempting to connect to the ssl ports.

Any ideas where to start looking to resolve the problem? Is that
for BM correct? I hadn't found any specific detailed listing of how
do it, just the general use reverse proxy. From checking out Craig
Johnsons BM3.x book (PDF) as well as BM and iFolder site it appears
the above is how to set it up properly.