We are having difficulties accessing iFolder fromt the
A Link on our hosted web site only works when accessed internally. We

implemented TID regarding placing the Public IP address in the link on

Ifolder_nav.html. Once completed the link does launch the iFolder
however login fails with Cannot find server.

Our DNS record for the iFolder service is ifolder.xxxx.com
BM reverse proxy has been setup with standard access rules with
authentication enabled for access.

Do we need our ISP to resolve iFolder.xxxx.com to a specific Public IP

address i.e our Web Server or perhaps a different Public IP. or is
not necessary.

Our BM Server OS is 5.1 with all other servers 6.0 is this perhaps a
compatibility issue.

Would a LDAP issue on the BM server cause access issues?

It just seems when accessing any HTTPS services externally nothing

Do we need specific NAT Entries on the BM?

Your input is greatly appreciated

Best Regards,