Alright, here's whats going on. I'm running iFolder 2.0 on a NW6.0SP2

server. Everything was running fine. Now, recently, I had to move the

server to a new IP address. So, I did. Now, iFolder stop working. I keep getting the following error message when I start iFolder:

ldap_simple_bind : Can't contact LDAP server<81>
ldap *MASTER[] down
LDAP initialization failed.

Now, when I changed my IP address, I followed the following TIDs:
10067853 & 10067790.

Then, I tried getting iFolder working. I've looked up the errors and I've found the following two TID's: 10070462 & 10067593.

The thing is, all they say is export the SSL certificate and copy it into the sys:apache\ifolder\server directory. However, there are also

certificates in the LDAP directory of server. There are also 3 SSL
certificates, each one has two (private and public). I have the SSL
CertificateDNS, SSL CertificateIP, and LDAP SSL (I created this one
I was following TID 10023209 which was referenced by TID 10067853).

Also, another thing I've noticed is that in my httpd_additions_nw.conf

file, the file has a line that reads:

LdapRootCert "sys:\public\rootcert.der"

If this is the case, then why am I being told to replace the
in the iFolder/server directory?

I'm stumped and I don't know what else to try. Any help is greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.