Users in my subcontainers cannot login to iFolder, they receive the
Password" message. I did a Dstrace for LDAP, which is showing an
error but
I'm not sure how to fix it.

Here is the excerpt from the trace:

0xc345d740:0x0004:0x63) DoSearch on connection 0xc345d740
(0xc345d740:0x0004:0x63) Search request:
base: "O=BCSD"
scope:2 derefence:0 sizelimit:0 timelimit:90 attrsonly:0
filter: "(cn=martinezj)"
(0xc345d740:0x0004:0x63) Sending search result entry
"cn=MartinezJ,ou=Teacher,ou=BCMS,ou=Seg1,o=BCS D" to connection
(0xc345d740:0x0004:0x63) Sending operation result 0:"":"" to
(0xc345d740:0x0005:0x60) DoBind on connection 0xc345d740
(0xc345d740:0x0005:0x60) DoBind: name =
'cn=MartinezJ,ou=Teacher,ou=BCMS,ou=Seg1,o=BCSD', client version = 3,
= 0x80
Failed to resolve full context 0x7ae50008 on connection 0xc345d740,
= -626
Failed to authenticate full context 0x7ae50008 on connection
0xc345d740, err
= -626
(0xc345d740:0x0005:0x60) nds_back_bind failed, err = -626
(0xc345d740:0x0005:0x60) Sending operation result 80:"":"NDS error:
referrals failed (-626)" to connection 0xc345d740
(0xc345d740:0x0005:0x60) DoBind: Failed bind on connection 0xc345d740

Any help would be appreciated