I'm confused here, perhaps somebody can explain this to me. I told my

desktop client to connect to my iFolder server through 52443 by
the server address to iFolder:52443. When you go into properties,
the Account Information tab, in Server, you see:


However, when you check the View Activity log, it says:

02.18.03 14:48:01 Client connecting to: http://ifolder:52080
02.18.03 14:48:01 Init Successful
02.18.03 14:48:10 Login hcyuan\Home
02.18.03 14:48:13 Authentication successful
02.18.03 14:48:13 Reconciling iFolder database...
02.18.03 14:48:14 iFolder database reconciliation complete.
02.18.03 14:48:14 Synchronizing with server...
02.18.03 14:48:15 Synchronization complete

Is it really using a secure connection or no? Any help is greatly
appreciated. Thanx in advance.