I am trying to get this up and running and I need a little push. I
things installed (I think) and I have a few questions. I am running
on a netware 6 box that is also runniing BM3.6 and Proxy services. I
able to connect up via the client to my ifolder but I can't from the
otherside of the firewall. I have access rules setup for all the
necessary but still no good. I also cannot connect up to my iFolder
via a
web browser.

Is the mansagement part of version 1.0 different from version 2? I
can log
into the Admin portion via the browser but I am not sure how I add
users. I
have been reading for a long time and I'm starting to see double. Any
getting this up and runnig is appreciated. Would I be better off
this on another box behind the firewall and can I run it with NAT??
help is appreciated. Thanks.