iFolder 2.0
NW 5.1 SP5

I can not manage iFolder. Everything else seems to work fine. I have
been successfully running iFolder on a test environment for a couple
months. The problem is the test environment has one container. In the
production environment we have multiple containers. Also, the iFolder does not
have a replica of the container it is in.

I get all the way into the management web page until it asked for my
username and password. Whatever I have put in gives me a new page
saying "your previous login failed". I have checked my http_additions_nw.conf
file. I have changed the administrators entry a number of ways to no

What is the syntax for the line
iFolderAdminName XXXX;XXXX;XXXX
Is it distinguished or what?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I want to get this up and going
and I can't until I can add the users.