This is rather strange, but user's with only 1 iFolder account on 1 PC

are getting files deleted on sychronisation. This seems pretty
sporadic but is definately happening for some reason *occasionly*.

On this occasion, the log on a PC (which was not being used) shows the

following ...

1. Syncronisation check sync every 5 minutes; nothing happening
becuase the user isn't using the computer
2. The iFolder server is shut down which causes the client to show
link broken messages
3. On restart of the iFolder server, the PC auto connects on the 5
minute interval as expected BUT decides that the client is now not
synchronised and promptly overwrites 2 files and deletes another.

How is this possible?
The server was shut down automatically by the UPS and the
"STOPIFOLDER" command was not issued to properly shut things down.

However, I have cases of this kind of thing happening when the serverhas not been shut down at all!

Is Standard Edition 1.03