The iFolder runs fine. We can open both user and administrator
screens. The manager screen
launches cleaning. But when we are asked to Authenticate, it always comes back
with Your previous login failed! It is driving me nuts.

I have looked at the LDAP address. The server with iFolder can not
have a Replica of the Partition because it is outside of our firewall. So I
have played with pointing the LDAP back to a server with a replica. Still
no success.

I currently have iFolder 2.0 and iPrint on a NetWare 5.1 server with
eDir 85.0.2 (DS 85.27c) service pack 5.1.5. I have been running this for
many months with no problems in my test environment. I have 10 users
actively testing the service and I can open the https administrator page and *minister just fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



>>> <> 02/21/03 03:22PM >>>

You may also need to have a replica on the server.

Another message here just had that solve the problem.

-Mike wrote:

> that is the syntax, w/o context. so it would be
> iFolderAdminName admin;john;frank;etc....
> I don't know if you can run 2.0 on NW5.1
> I was not able to get it to work installed on NW6sp2 with the rest

> the network NW5.1
> I was told it was a problem with DS version needing to be

> 8.7(?)
> I backed down to 1.03 that came with NW6sp2 and all is good for now.

> -Mike
> JJ wrote:
> > iFolder 2.0
> > NW 5.1 SP5
> >
> > I can not manage iFolder. Everything else seems to work fine. I =have

> been
> > successfully running iFolder on a test environment for a couple
> > months. The
> > problem is the test environment has one container. In the

> > environment
> > we have multiple containers. Also, the iFolder does not have a

> > of the
> > container it is in.
> >
> > I get all the way into the management web page until it asked for

> > username
> > and password. Whatever I have put in gives me a new page saying

> > previous
> > login failed". I have checked my http_additions_nw.conf file. I

> > changed the
> > administrators entry a number of ways to no avail.
> >
> > What is the syntax for the line
> > iFolderAdminName XXXX;XXXX;XXXX
> > Is it distinguished or what?
> >
> > Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I want to get this up and

> > and I
> > can't until I can add the users.
> >
> >