I apologize in advance if this has been covered before - and for the
length to which it may grow.
I have tried the things in the TIDs that refer to the "LDAP server
down? " error one gets when trying to login to the administrator page
for iFolder:
These TIDs include:
10077172 - which describes giving the public object's cn property
compare, read and that the rights are inheritable

10066836 - which describes giving the DNS server an A record for the
name used. My DNS server, which is also the LDAP server and the
iFolder server has an A record and appears to be functioning properly.
It also has the name of the server properly placed
in the hosts file.

10065886 - which describes corruption of the HTTPD_ADDITIONS_NW.CONF
file from commenting out changes made to the file. I did not comment
out anything that wasn't already commented out. I noted the original
settings separately and made changes to
uncommented lines only. I also verified that the LdapLoginContext was
correct and used commas instead of periods between contexts. The
context of my LDAP server is at the highest context in the tree so
the context is o=usp1. In one go at this I even
edited the file and put a leading comma for the context in

The server is listening on ports 389, 443, 80, 636, and 5280 and 52443
for ifolder , . Ifolder loads,albeit with the following error (Failed
to resolve server name for check DNS). I am at a loss as
to why this happens: I have changed the
*.conf docs to every concievable combination of servername/ipaddress
when loading.

I have created new LDAP key material and used Console one to verify
it, and use it. I edited the conf files to use that key material.

I downloaded an LDAP Browser (version 2.8.2 by Jarek Gawor) that will
connect to the server on ports 389 and 636 using both anonymous and
authenticated connections. I can bowse the ldap server using

Everything seems to be in working order, no?

IN!!!! Arrrrrggghhhh!!!