> When we load Ifolder we get the following error when it is starting
> Unknown error: make_secure_socket: for address XX.XXX.XXX.XXX port

> I have no idea what this means, some tids and forums have referred

to the
> LDAP or certificate problems but I'm not sure how to resolve it if

that is
> the problem.
> Thanks,
> Bob

Bob, I had a similar problem, and still don't have iFolder working
properly, but I did, at least get beyond this issue. from the looks of
port you are using you have iFolder installed on the same server that
have other web services running, and the iFolder install told you to
use another IP address or a different port, correct?

One of the TIDs you refer to tells you to create a new SSL key using
ConsoleOne, add the key to the LDAP server object in ConsoleOne and
edit the adminserv.conf file in sys:apache\conf. to read "securelisten

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx "SSL newkeyfilename" Then you go to the server
console and
type nvxadmdn and nvxadmup and then Startifolder. If all goes well
should then start.

now if I could log in...

good luck