Hi all,
I have a question about LDAP - ifolder - security. I currently have
setup to require SSL/TLS for All Operations and Simple Binds.

If I login with the client on 52080 is the login secure? I am assuming

that since I have SSL/TLS on then clear text password can't be
thus my login is secure. I always thought the secure ports were 443
52443. Can this be a secure connection on 52080??

Also, when I logon via the web client it uses 52080 and I assume it's

secure because its https. Is this correct? Also, the admin page link
https://server.ngent.com:52443/iFolderServer/Admin and that does not work I get a page not found. I can remove the port and that works
Again, should this be secure since it's https??

I just looked and I can change 52443 to 443, so I can I can use that.
Thanks for the help, I think SSL has me secure. Just want to be sure.