I've been struggling trying to get iFolder functioning for over a week

and have hit my limit. I've read through hundreds of TID's & messages

on here with no luck.

The server we installed to is running NW5.1 SP5 & eDIR8.7 &
It has two nics:
10.3.X.X connecting to our internal network, and 192.168.X.X
to a FireBox, then out to the internet. The Firebox's public IP is

I can connect to the iFolder Admin server
(https://24.166.X.X:443/iFolderServer/Admin) without a problem. I can

log in and manage the server/users/etc. Issue #1: When I check
monitoring, under the iFolder Server section, it lists the server name

(not an IP) and says server not responding. I've tried changing the private info on the iFolder Server page in the Global settings and
cannot get this to display server status.

Issue #2: When trying to access the iFolder webpage (not the admin),

the users get the Test Page for Apache Installation, and not the
page where they can download or login.

Can anyone help me out so I don't start on my 3rd bottle of Advil and

revert to drinking?