Hi Guys

I've come across a strange problem with iFolder 2.0 pro.
I've been sitting here working on for some time.
My iFolder 2.0 unloads itself from protected memory space.
I've got three webservers running before loading iFolder. The Novell Manager, a server for the public webservers (in seperate memory space)

and an intranet server (in seperate memory space).
I just found out that if I didn't load the two webservers in their
memory space, I can load the iFolder.
So I tried loading the two webservers after loading iFolder and that works as well.

So the question is, what NLM are they sharing outside their memory
that changes version?

Does anybody have a list of all the NLM's the iFolder uses, so that I

can do a version check for them?