We have a very strange configuration. We have 40 iFolder servers
spread all across the country. Against my wishes we are using iFolder

as a means of backing up the local workstations (at least the My
Documents folder).

Anyway, I am trying to administer these servers and add users. When I

go to the User Administration page and try to add users at the
specific location to their particular iFolder server, I am only able
to see about 10 of the iFolder servers in the drop down. I can see
all of the LDAP contexts, but once I select the users, I can only
associate them to the first 10 servers that happen to show up
alphabetically in the listing.

Is this a problem with the web interface, or is there something I need

to fix as far as the configuration goes? Or have I done something
that goes beyond the scope of what iFolder should be able to do?