Is there a way to prove that Novell iFolder has a special function to
the portion in a document which is modified?

While I was testing auto-sync on low speed level network like using
Modem, I
found it seemed that the only modified portion in document was not
update as
Novell said but whole document was update.

After I worked with a Excel File, I saved and closed a Excel document.
size of the Excel file was increased around 20KB. A few second later,

Novell Ifolder Client tried to update the Excel document. It went
well. Sync
and up-date were perfect but it took a long time compaired to upload
original file, almost same time was taken to upload whole document.

I didn't check the traffic on wire yet and just judged the fucntion
did not
work as shown in visuality. Am I right? Otherwise, could you let me
know how
to testify Portion up-date function without measuring network traffic?