I know this post is dated 2001 but just to update folks, it's April
2003 and still no joy. I am using Mac OS9, MRJ 2.2.5 IE 5, and I cannavigate the folders with my mac...upload button available but not
functional, download button greyed out. File button inoperative.

I sure wish someone at Novell would please please understand that
are an integral part of our computing society...we need the revenue
generate and they are NOT going away...it would be nice if we could
them some features that are somewhat 'on par' with what others take
forgranted.....yes, I've been to the enhancement request place. I
they just eat them because nothing ever get's done for macs....

Susan wrote:

> Jeff:
> Yes, that's what the thing I read said, except that person had

> it on OS9. No local client yet, but the web access supposedly

> Have you tried that with the movement of files yet?
> Susan
> Novell Support Connection
> Volunteer SysOp