William Rossetti,
> The reason I ask for upgrade is that the client is not able to log
> in. I install the client but when username and password is entered,

> it will not accept it - saying "invalid password. Note:passwords
> are case sensitive." I am logging in using my NDS login - correct?> A little help in the right direction please.

IFolder simple troubleshooting steps:
1. iFolder 2.x needs eDirectory 8.6.2 or better for LDAP. It will not

work with NW 5.1 DS 8.82 for example.
2. Check that the admin name in the iFolder server config file is
3. Use the clear-text LDAP port for troubleshooting
4. Have iFolder log its screen to a file (below)
5. Turn on LDAP tracing on the LDAP Server/Group Object
6. LOAD DSTRACE. Turn off everything and turn on LDAP, then try to log


Note on 4:
Change startifolder.ncf to read:

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