I have an ifolder Server running on Novell Netware 6.0 sp2, with the
client. The environment does not use Netware to login and the client
not installed. The user's laptop is Windows 2000 and it connects to
active directory domain. The client is just installed on the users' computer. Then user installed the client on windows 2000 as himself
rebooted. Upon login, his ifolder was created on the laptop, and it works. Now, whenever the user logs in and he is disconnected from his

local domain network (work), ifolder sees him as another user and says

that he must be logged in as the user to get into his ifolder.

In other words, when the login script runs (when the user is locally connected to the domain), ifolder works. When the users logs in from
successfully (disconnected login), ifolder ceases to work and tells
that he must be logged in as <current users> to access his ifolder.
there any solution for this?