Anyone aware of the bug in iFolder (or more likely Windows 2000) that
Windows 2000 to crash if iFolder is installed AND the Microsoft
Service is started?

The crashes (B.S.O.D) is random and seems to relate to how busy the
is, the busier it is the less frequent the crash. The Indexing
service uses
idle time to re-index so this would make sense.

We discovered it last week, no TID's, nothing on the web or groups. I

reported it to Novell (we have Premium 4000 support) and they have
raised a
defect report, no doubt Novell will fix the problem, but in the
meantime it
may be worth disabling the Indexing Service until such a fix is
I have also made the iFolder Cool Solutions aware of the problem.

We have proved the problem on various Dell PC's and Laptops running
2000 Sp2 and Sp3. The versions of iFolder that we have tested are
v2.1 and