I'm running NetStorage on a NetWare 6.5 test machine.
I have updated the xdav nlm with the latest version.

Problem #1:
In iManager under the "NetStorage" role and task, under
"Authentication Domains" I want to add an extra context
where my users are stored. When I add the new context
it does not work. I can login with the FQDN, but not
just the CN. I have rebooted the server after making a
change and tried just restarting apache.
My understanding is that a user should be able to login
with just their CN, when context are added under
"Authentication Domains".

Problem #2:
I have an OU with a list of users
I added a "Domain" under the
"Authentication Domains" of the NetStorage Role.
This new domain I added points to another tree
and ou that has the same list of users
(ou=facstaff.ou=users.o=csd), but
the passwords are set in this tree.

My understanding of how NetStorage should handle
this situation is when a user tries to login
to NetStorage, first try to authenticate to the
local tree (Autobots), which fails, then try to authenticate
to the secondary tree (CSD).

This is not successful. NetStorage doesn't let me
login at this point.
What am I not doing? I have rebooted the server
after making the changes.

I just realized that when I added the secondary domain,
I did not add a host, but when I try to add host
they just do not show up. Nothing happens, I don't
get an error message, but the host do not show up in the
authentication domains role.

Brad Bendily