iFolder 2.1 on IIS, with edirectory 8.7 on Win2k Server

Anyone tried that combination? Problems are;
1-) Although i login with administrator into e-directory using Novell

Client for Win2k, schema is not extended
and iFolder objects are missing after iFolder 2.1 Prof setup.
2-) i can't get https://ip/iFolderServer/Admin page. If i use http
of https page displays
but if i try to logon, it warns me that it requires https. I don't
want to
get a certificate From a CA
to try iFolder, so is there a way to setup IIS with SSL without paying
any certificate. Can i install Windows 2000
server's Certificate Authority Component and do that?

I see lots of people struggle with that "can't get
https://ip/iFolderServer/Admin page" problem like me, i think it is
to setup SSL on IIS. Is there any document explains step by step how
to do
it without paying for any certificate?