Okay, we have a fully functioning, fresh Windows Server 2003 box. IISis running, it works fine (I have the default website tested and works

real world). The box is also an AD box that was installed and has twoor three basic additional users accounts added to the default load. We

also have Terminal Services as the box is remote. I have been pullingmy hair out for the past four days trying to get iFolder to install.
FYI, while I am trying to set this up, I'll blow out the current
install, whack the Novell registry entries, etc. and then go about
reloading it to try something new. The install seems to work fine with

the LDAP connection (we have a test SSL cert from Thawte), but when
the iFolder install tries to run/install the management console, the
files simply aren't there. Off of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\, there are the
default IIS docs, and a folder labed iFolder with stuff in it.
However, there is NO iFolderServer folder next to it. I'm literally at

the end of my rope here. Just to make sure, I am installing iFolder
using the Administrator account for the box to make sure there are not

privilege issues. Does anyone know what the hell is going on?