I've scoured this newsgroup and the Novell KB.

I'm sorry but none of the suggestions works. I'm not interested in
the LDAP port. My iFolder server is a Netware 6.5 server. I am
with changing the client and web ports. I've got Groupwise 6.5
running on
the same server as my iFolder server.

I'm not going to move my Groupwise system to another server. GW and
must co-exist.

So what is the exact procedure for changing the ports on iFolder? I'm

talking about web AND the windows client.

I've changed all of the *.conf files in sys:apache2/iFolder/server.

Here is what I've changed in httpd_ifolder_nw.conf:

# iFolder Server Secure Port
# Edit the ServerSecurePort
# ==================================
#ServerSecurePort 443
#iFolderUserServerSecurePort 443
ServerSecurePort 50443
iFolderUserServerSecurePort 50443
# iFolder Server Non-Secure Port
# Edit the ServerNonSecurePort
# ==================================
#ServerNonSecurePort 80
#iFolderUserServerNonSecurePort 80
ServerNonSecurePort 50080
iFolderUserServerNonSecurePort 50080

Here's what I've changed in sys:apache2/iFolder/server/httpd.conf:

#Listen 80
#SecureListen 443 "SSL CertificateDNS"
Listen 50080
SecureListen 50443 "SSL CertificateDNS"

Then I stop, restart iFolder. A port probe of the server in questionindicates that there is nothing listening on 50080 or 50443 ports.

OK, So I go to the iFolder web administration and create a new iFolder

server. I use port 50080 and port 50443 for the Public side and port
80 for
the private side.

Still no luck.

I even installed iFolder on a fresh NW65 server. Still, iFolder
refused to
listen on ports 50080 and 50443 as indicated by nmap:

[root@root]# nmap -p 50080-50443 rss

Starting nmap V. 2.54BETA7 ( www.insecure.org/nmap/ )
sendto in send_tcp_raw: sendto(3, packet, 40, 0,, 16)
Operation not permitted
All 364 scanned ports on rss.xtek.com ( are: closed
Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 1 second

Isn't there a definitive guide?

Please don't tell me that port 80 is secure and I should use 80. I
want to use port 80. I have too many process using port 80 that are
exposed to the Internet and I'm out of public IP addresses. I must
use a
different port for the _client_.