NW6 SP3, iFolder 2.1, IE6sp1

I have the account setup. The iFolder Client connects with no problem.
The web access works if I have the IE proxy set to no proxy. If I turn
on the proxy in IE the login comes back with user account not
initialized. I tried to set IE to bypass the proxy for local
addresses, and the named the server in the bypass area, no change. I
am on the same subnet as the iFolder server.

I watched the Dstrace for LDAP during the login with out the IE proxy
set and it looks normal. When the proxy is set in IE, even with the
bypass setup, the dstrace screen show no activity.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? I have checked
every source I can think of but I have not had any success. One more
thing of note, if it matters, the user data is not on the sys drive. I
believe this started when I moved the user data off the sys drive, but
I am not sure.

Ed Connelly
Briarwood College