So, I look in my tree, I have 4 Aux classes, iFolderLDAP,
iFolderSettings, and iFolderUser.

Well I look at iFolderUser, and its ASN1 OID is:

I look in my NW6,5 Products CD, in the \PRODUCTS\IFOLDER at the file and I extract the ifolder.LDIF file, and I see that
class SHOULD be:
dn: cn=schema
changetype: modify
add: objectclasses
objectClasses: ( NAME 'iFolderPerson'
DESC 'Standard ObjectClass'
MAY ( iFolderPersonServerName ) )

Which I read to mean that the ASN1 OID for the attrib should be

Huh? What is going on? Is this residual schema from a previous
iFolder install? (As far as I know the tree only ever had iFolder 1.0

in it, never a 2.x release. I am the only admin who would install
a product).

Also, I can sort of use the iFolder Admin server, and I have the
iFolder_ldap01, iFolder_server01 and iFolder_settings objects in the root of my tree and they seem to be working...

Also, the iFolder.ldif file suggests that the Aux Class names are in

fact: 'iFolderService' 'iFolderLDAPServer' 'iFolderServer' not what I

actually have, iFolderLDAP, iFolderServer, iFolderSettings, and

Obviously extending the schema again may help, but does anyone
recognize how I might have gotten here, from there? :)