As a prerequisite of iFolder I have to install eDirectory 8.7
When doing so and running DSREPAIR 10250.37 to update the Schema "Post

Netware 5 Schema Update"
the process appears to hang after processing about 57 Classes, the
last one
"Updated Class ID : 0000018B RDN : Top ."
"*** END ***"

The progress bar at the base of the screen has barely moved - only
moved one
yellow block.
Does anyone know if this is a long operation (I.E. I was too impatient
terminating the process), is the progress bar to be trusted or does
sound like a failed process.

When I try to repeat the process nothing seems to happen, except It
displays the log as follows:
Has it really completed successfully? How can I check that?

/************************************************** *************************

NetWare 5.00 Directory Services Repair 10410.87, DS 8.85
Log file for server ".XXX.YYYY" in tree "ZZZZZ"
Operation performed by: cn=admin.o=aaaaaa
Updating schema post NW5

Start: Tuesday, 25 November 2003 7:23:44 pm Local Time

*** END ***

Servername, tree and context over-written for security on this