I am using W2K SP4 + IIS + IFolder 2.01 + eDir 8.7

I have install last year iFolder on IIS port 80 + port 443, all work

But i a had to change to those two ports : example :83/447

(i change thoses port in the registry too)

The users can continue to connect .... ( with the modification)

If i try to access to https://www.mydomain.com:447/iFolderServer/Admin
the page appear

But if i click on one on the buttons (Users for example) i have an
message telling me that i must be in HTTPS.....(but i m in HTPPS
already !)

Is it impossible to use another port than 443 for ifolder for windows

I tried to re-install iFolder ans i get the same message.

Do you have an idea ?