Having trouble with new users of iFolder.


iFolder running on NW65, Apache2
Client PC is Windows 98, fully patched.
Existing eDirectory user.
iFolder client v2.11
Zone Alarm Pro on user's PC. Zone Alarm has been told about iFolder
and was given full access to internal and Internet networks.

I give user iFolder account and he logs in just fine. Then we move
all of
his "My Documents" stuff to the iFolder "home" directory. The iFolder

client sees all of the new files OK. When it comes time to synch, the

iFolder client will fail with "Synchronization Failed" message.
Nothing on
the iFolder server console indicates error. I manually synch and thesynchronization process starts again. The original file that didn't
synched in the previous attempts sync successfully and the client
moves on
to the next files to by synched. Synch fails.

Long story short: If I click manual synch (a hundred times),
eventually all
of the files will get synched to the server. If I shutdown Zone Alarm
still get "Synchronization Failed" messages at the console but it
seems that
I get more files uploaded to the server in one attempt than if Zone
Alarm is
loaded. I do _not_ think Zone Alarm is at fault because I have other
users with ZA installed and they don't have trouble. This is the only

laptop user that I have that is using Windows 98. All other users are
Win XP Pro.

I've shut down the iFolder web server and tried to re-synch but still

I have a direct connection the the server in question -- no routers or

company firewalls inbetween.

Any suggestions?