I hope I post this to the right forum.

We have installed a new server with NW6.5 +SP1
and ifolder
installed. DNS/DCHP is also installed at this server.

If I try to connect to netstorage from the installed welcome page it
working well.
If I choose VO and from VO nestorage the page comes up. Now I try to
some files
from one volume to another volume Server abends.
The same thing happens if more than 7 users start an authentication
processes to
netstorage at the same time, the server abends more then 4 times.
In the abend log we can read that nifif.nlm is the reason.
When I look at the debug screen via novell remote manager I can see
abend happens during the
authentication process.
This should be resolved (TID10081955).
It seems that this issue comes back with nw6.5 or with sp1.

So we think that this is really a bug in that version.

Has anyone tested yet under a similar configuration?