NetWare 6.5 servers with SP1 installed.

I have been trying out NetStorage and eGuide on a test server and
apart from NetStorage not mapping drives it seems to work fine - ie I
can see the Home Directory and a Storage Object that I created fine.
eGuide also works fine. iManager also works fine once logged in
although it now takes several minutes to log in. This startup delay
may have something to do with installing NW6.5 SP1??

However, I have installed iFolder, NetStorage and eGuide on a
different server. This server is also set up with multiple instances
of Apache (and an instance of Tomcat) servicing a number of web sites.
iFolder is running fine - well it started to once I realised that you
cannot talk to the iFolder Manager via a proxy. NetStorage is running
fine apart from the same fault as the test server in that it will not
run any mappings in container or personal login scripts.

In trying to sort this problem with running scripts out I found that
iManager on this server will not access NetStorage, even though it is
running on the server.

I get the following error in iManager for any NetStorage link
"Service not available. Possible cause: Unauthorized". All other
parts of iManager appear to be working fine.

Any ideas on this anyone?

Maybe I'm trying to run too much on one server? I noticed in the
iFolder docs that they suggest that iFolder should be running on its
own server, though I haven't seen anything in the eGuide or NetStorage
docs about this. I'm very new to Apache/Tomcat and trying to work out
how Novell have set it all up is a bit of a nightmare - they seem to
have bits of tomcat apps in sys:Tomcat and in sys:Adminsrv, and
iFolder seems to have taken over the default Apache2 instance. I
would have thought that they should have set up an entirely separate
Apache instance to handle iFolder...


Terry Broad