Netware 6 SP3.
iFolder Server 1.03 6/12/02

I never could enter on iFolder Server Management ,

If I Login as Admin...
it looks ok, I get the following General information page,
General Information

iFolder Server
Version 1.03 6/12/02
iFolder Host Web Server
Apache/1.3.27 (NETWARE)
iFolder Host OS
NetWare 5.60.03
iFolder Server up time

But when I click on any management link on the left menu (LDAP, User
Accounts, Current Sessions....)
I get the folowing error:
You must LOGIN before using the Admin Console !

But, I was already logged in!!!

And, if i tried to login as another user that have admin rights, the
failed completly.

Login failed ... LDAP server down?

Does anyone could help me?

I have looked for this problem on Novell documentation but i couldn't

Thanks for any helps.

Samuel Pizarro