I've seen this happen a couple times with the same user lately. Her
limit is 4GB , and it's currently about half full. There are
currently two
files I know of, that if she tries to put them in her ifolder, the
sync to
the server fails. The server is nw6.5 with ifolder 2.1. One of theproblem files is a 600k powerpoint slideshow, and the other is a 120k
file from the SPSS program (statistics). Another oddity is that she
has a
..gif file that she copied into her ifolder a while ago. It sync'ed
ok, but
everytime she logs into ifolder, that file sync's again, as if it was
put in there.
In the case of the two files that won't sync at all, I tried renaming
which didn't help, and I'm a bit at a loss on this one.