I installed the NW 6.5 SP1 server. Now I'm trying to change iFolder
directory on it. By default it is SYS:\iFolder directory. I'd like to
it to USR volume which must keep all user data.

One of TIDs I've found describes the following procedure: find the
SYS:\APACHE2\iFolder\Server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf and replace
by the new location path (USR:\iFolder this time). When I do it and
move the
content of the old iFolder directory there iFolder web interface
unable to upload files to the server. After copying some part of a
(50-98%) it shows two popup windows: "asm_int_3 #1", and then
failure". When I restore old path everything works just fine. If I
place new
direcory on the same SYS volume everything work fine too. I can
download and
delete files and create directories without errors on every server

The single difference between SYS and NSS volumes I can see is a file
type. SYS is a traditional volume, and USR is a NSS one. Could this
error be
somehow related to NW6 NSS folder size restriction peculiarity?

One more question: do I need additional iFolder licenses besides those

needed for NW 6.5 itself?

Evgeniy Lotosh.