We are having LDAP issues with iFolder 2.1. It was working fine, then we
upgraded our LDAP server to NW 6.5 (edir 8.7.3) and the iFolder server
can't connect now. Typical upgrade b.s. - I'm used to it. My question
is how do you troubleshoot iFolder if you can't get to the admin
console? That's where all of the info is. Does it even look at the LDAP
settings in the httpd_ifolder_conf file anymore or does it only look at
the iFolder objects in eDir?

I would like to just load LDAP locally and connect to port 389, but not
sure what files to change. If I change the httpd_ifolder_conf file, it
still tries to connect via SSL, so obviously it's reading the settings
from somewhere else.

I've re-exported the SSL Cert and placed in the \apache\ifolder\server
directory, but will iFolder even look at that since the original one has
already been imported into eDir? Thanks - Mike