We've successfully setup a Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 Server to run
iFolder 2.1 (not the NNLS 2.1.2, the actual 2.1 release). We're moving
our data from a NW6 iFolder 2.0 Server and it seems, Linux iFolder can
read the Novell data just fine (I remember someone asking about that
awhile back). My only problem now is, I need to modify the 2.1
iFolderClient.exe (actually it's the 2.1.1 iFolderClient.exe from:

http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/se...i?/2966822.htm )

Is there a fixup.nlm equivalent for Linux? I tried using the fixup.nlm
on the NW6 Server but it didn't work, it seems it might even be the
fixup.nlm from our original iFolder 1.0 install(?) I also found that
the 2.1.1 iFolderClient.exe is actually just a zipped executable,
there's a setup.ini in there but it doesn't appear to have any
iFolderServer parameter in it. Any ideas?