This information is for those of you who have had problems (iFolder
hanging) with uploading/downloading files from iFolder through a web

Finding out only after opening an icident with Novell, Novell's position
is the following, "We have decided to not support the web piece of
iFolder because the java specs keep changing and we cannot keep up."
Their solution is to use NetStorage. I think this defeats the whole
purpose of iFolder.

Here is the url I was directed to, that shows their support position
regarding iFolder through the web. Look under "known issues for
workstations" "installation and adminstration issues".

iFolder Java Applet Provided As Is
The iFolder Java applet is provided as is. It is no longer supported.

Just for informational purposes we are using:
Server: NW 6.5 SP2
eDirectory: SMP
iFolder Version: 2.13
Browser Info: has been happening on any browser
on Windows: IE 6 SP1, Java Ver 1.4.1_04 ; on Mac: IE 5.2.3,
FireFox, and Mozilla
Workstation: Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Mac OS X. All security patches
are up to date.