We have NW6.5 SP2 SBS with Groupwise, GWIA, VO, Bordermanager, ...
running on 1 machine at a customer site.

The problem is that we cannot login to iFolder, running on this machine.
The iFolder client returns error -105 Cannot connect
The management webpages return the error Your previous login has failed.

We tried about anything, without any success until now.

The server is running SBS and Bordermanager.
We have 2 NIc with 1 private and 1 public address.
The LDAP address we bind to in the httpd_ifolder_nw.conf file is on the
private ipaddress. We use Cleartext port 389

/aside. SSL Port 636 is not working. iFolder screen shows errors like
MASTER[ipaddress] down. ldap_simple_bind unable to connect.
If we use cleartext, this error does not show up. aside/

At the end of this file we used the private address for

The funny thing is that we have another (test) machine that we installed
and there everything is working just fine.

So I compared both machines and adjusted the customers configuration to
match the working test environment. No luck ! Same error.

Does anyone have any splendid idea ?