In an iFolder that I installed with NW6.5 (no sp) there were
a link on the iFolder Web to login with "PDA -interface"
eg. a html-based view. Very useful and quick and without Java...

When I put an SP on Netware the link suddenly
The old link was pointing to x.x.x.x/iFolder/MyFiles
and if you write it, it still works.

Now have I a clean installed iFolder 2.1.3 on NW 6.0 sp4
in another tree. And there is no PDA-login link on the Web-intreface.
If you write in .../iFolder/MyFiles it doesn't work.
I've searched both the 6.5 an 60 server for a map named MyFiles, and
the conf -files for anything pointing to MyFiles, but with no luck.

In the file apache...\iFolder\DocumentRoot\html\ ml there
is a line that says:
<!--<P><A HREF="https://srvname/iFolder/MyFiles"

If I remove <!-- and --> the link is visable again, but doesn't work
on the clean installed server.

Any ideas?