Hello all,

I have tried searching the Novell KB and this forum for information
regarding my issue and have come up with nothing. I am hoping that
someone here can help shed some light on my issue.

I have the following scenario. iFolder 2.1 is installed on a Windows
2000 Server with SP4 and IIS. All authentication is via LDAP to AD.
Using the iFolder client all is good. Using NetDrive also seems to be
fine. The issue I am having is with the web interface. When I download
a file from the iFolder server via the web interface, more often than
not the file will be corrupted. (Accessing the local copy of the file
shows that it is fine. No corruption. I have also tried installing the
iFolder client on another machine. Let the files synchronize and access
to files is ok. No corruption)

I have tried via FireFox, Mozilla and IE browsers and have had the same
results. We have also tried from several different machines and still
have the same issues. All systems have one version or another of the
Sun JVM installed ranging from 1.4.1_x to 1.4.2_06.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.