I need to synchronize a number of workstations to a server in such a way
as it will be transparent to the end users. I'd like to use SLES9 as the
base server on the backend.

I know that ifolder may be a possibility, but it doesn't really run as a
server component on SLES9. It requires OES for the full package, and OES
is still a little while away (in other words, I need a "now" solution,
not 3 weeks from now).

OES is also (I'm guessing) going to be much more $$$ than SLES9, so
there is that problem.

I've tried to use cwrsync on Windows in some environments, and I do not
feel comfortable with it's robustness.

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions....

Jon Johnston
Creative Business Solutions
IBM, Microsoft, Novell/Suse and Sophos Consulting