We are in the process of deploying iFolder running on OES-Linux. Evrything
is OK from the inside, but from outside the firewall, we are getting
inconsistent results. I'm both the server and network manager, so no finger
pointing. I configed the PIX 525 firewall with a NAT conduit to the
internal server open on 80 and 443. Have outside DNS entry with same name
as inside DNS entry, but specifies the outside IP. Web access to iFolder
works OK from inside and outside.

From machines that are "barely" outside the firewall - i.e., on the outside
switch that is connected to our ISP, configured with an outside IP, the
client works OK. However, from home ( RoadRunner) or other DSL (SBC), we
cannot connect (-105).

Very puzzling. We are checking into the issue of secondary IP address
mentioned in
http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/se...?/10095189.htm ,
but don't think that is the problem, because if I understand it correctly,
that would also break things on the inside.