I downloaded iFolder open source from http://www.ifolder.com/download.html
and installed it on Redhat 9.
I am facing following issues -

1. iFolder session did not start automatically when I logged in. I had to
run iFolder manually and then iFolder tray icon appeared.

2. When I right click on the icon, there are many options like
'Preferences', 'My iFolders' etc. I could not create a new iFolder, it said
'not attached to any iFolder server'. AFAIK, iFolder server is not publicly
available. How should I start using iFolder Opn source ?
The following documentation says nothing about the iFolder server.

3. I use GNOME and my file manager is Nautilus, still when I right click on
any folder, I dont get an option which says 'Convert to an iFolder'.

I am really stuck.

- Serie